Updating Parameters Using Javascript

Talk about using JavaScript to control ListenUp and make a custom user interface.

Updating Parameters Using Javascript

Postby KStJ » Wed Nov 17, 2010 6:33 pm

Is there any reason why using javascript calls to update the "PARAMS" for the Javasonics Recorder shouldn't work?

I have set-up a testing page that has controls to set many of the "advanced options" for the ListenUp Recorder and even though when I look at the results of a dump through FIreBug the params seem to be changed, I'm not hearing any difference in the quality being recorded.

Below is a sample of the code I'm using to update the PARAM settings of the applet:
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         function setParam(pname, pvalue) {
            $("#s1_applet_javasonics_recorder").children().each(function(index, element) {
               if (element.name == pname) {
                  element.value = pvalue;


         setParam("compressorCurvature", "0.35");

In this example, $("#s1_applet_javasonics_recorder") refers to the ListenUp Recorder applet. The javascript code shown uses the jQuery library.

Thank you for any help or insight.
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