Announcing release of V1.92

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Announcing release of V1.92

Postby philburk » Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:13 am

Version 1.92 has some important new features. Release notes are available here.

The new version can be download from here..

Some of you may have noticed that the waveform selection drew very slowly on Java 1.6.0_11. That was due to a known bug #6635462 in Java . We added a workaround so now the waveform selection draws quickly on all versions of Java.

We also changed the free-mode interface. The user no longer has to wait three seconds before clicking the "NEXT>>>" button to start the Applet.

For those using ASP, we have added an ASP example script for receiving uploaded audio files.

You may also be interested in these other new features:

    * Fixed problem with setAudioSelection(begin,end) not always updating the display when called from JavaScript.
    * Added "ignoreMissingSample" so that ListenUp will fail silently if the sampleURLName is for a missing file. This was added for use in Preview operations for Drupal.
    * Added "speexComplexity" parameter that can be used to control the amount of computation dedicated to compressing Speex audio. Default is 3.
    * Added "waveBackground" and "waveForeground" color parameters. The default is based on the "background" and "foreground" colors.
    * Added JavaScript command setEditable(boolean) and isEditable() to PlayerApplet.
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