converting many audio files to speex

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converting many audio files to speex

Postby edwardsmarkf » Sun May 08, 2011 11:34 am

hi all -

my task was to convert 5,000+ shock-wave audio files into speex.

having tried a couple of ways, nothing seemed to get 'em quite right. using the speexenc.exe with highCriteria-totalRecorder kept leaving a "pop" at the end of the recording.

then i came across this one:

and it worked very well! it converted mp3/swa files.

i was able to make a batch file of all the recordings by first generating a list of all the files like this:

DIR /S /B *.SWA >names.bat

then edit the names.bat batch file to look like this (i threw in line-breaks to make this more readable):

"C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Swift Sound\Switch\switch.exe"
-convert Z:\speex\AUDIO-mp3\PHONETIC\WOOD.mp3
-overwrite ALWAYS
-outfolder Z:\speex\AUDIO-spx\PHONETIC\
-format SPX
-settings .spx Preset 10 Denoise

it took a LONG time to run!
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