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JavaSonics ListenUp is no longer for sale.

The JavaSonics Recorder Applet is a tool for recording sound in a web browser, and uploading that sound to a web server.

ListenUp on Your Web Server - An Overview

We will provide step-by-step instructions for putting ListenUp on your website. Basically, you will end up with the following on your server:

1) "codebase" Folder Containing

  • ListenUp JAR files that we provide.
  • The "listenup_license.txt" file. The free license in the SDK allows up to 60 seconds of recording. A paid license file allows for unlimited recording and also removes the welcome message.

Just copy the codebase folder from the SDK to your server.

2) Web Pages containing ListenUp Applets

You can put the ListenUp recoder or player in your web pages using an <APPLET> tag. We provide many examples. You can customize the Applet using <PARAM> tags. Your <APPLET> tag should point to the CODEBASE folder above. If you are uploading recordings then set the "uploadURL" parameter to point to the server script below. The ListenUp Applet will run on your users' desktop computers.

3) Server Scripts

The ListenUp Applet records messages and POSTs them to your server. You provide scripts that receive the uploaded file. We throw it. You catch it. We provide examples in PHP and JSP to get you started. The technique is just the same as handling a file uploaded using an HTML FORM. So you can do it easily using your favorite scripting language. The server scripts run on your web server.

Please continue for step-by-step instructions ...

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