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Security Issues for ListenUp

(Please note that you are responsible for verifying that security is properly maintained on your website. You should verify that your data is properly encrypted and that password authentication is used.)

ListenUp can be used on sites with SSL. They have a URL that start "https:" instead of "http:". HTTPS sites encrypt data passing between the web browser and the web site. This makes it very hard for people to spy on the data as it moves across the Internet. SSL is commonly used for protecting credit card data and other information. Please note that encrypted data is bigger than unencrypted data so it will take longer to upload or download data when using HTTPS.

Using URLConnection

If the clients web browser is running a Java version 1.3 or earlier, and your web site is using SSL, then ListenUp will automatically use a regular URLConnection class to upload the data. It will prompt the user for a username and password if required. You can force ListenUp to always use a URLCOnnection by adding this parameter:

<param name="useURLConnection" value="yes">

Not Using URLConnection

For Java 1.4 or later ListenUp will, by default, use a plain Socket to upload the data. The advantage of using a Socket is that we can monitor the progress of the upload. The disadvantage is that the user will not be prompted for a password. So we must provide the password from the server.

We provide a mechanism for sending the username and password from the server to the client for use by ListenUp. They can be passed as Applet parameters and will be used when uploading the data. If the username and password are incorrect then a 401 status code will be returned.

Each server language has its own way of getting the username and password. Here is an example of using PHP to pass the username and password from the server to the ListenUp Applet using Applet parameters. This would be placed at the end of the Applet tag.

// Pass username and password from server to Applet if required.
if( isset($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER']) && isset($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW']) )
$authUserName = $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'];
echo " <param name=\"userName\" value=\"$authUserName\">\n";

$authPassword = $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW'];
echo " <param name=\"password\" value=\"$authPassword\">\n";

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