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You can upload additional parameters along with the audio recording. These can include input values from an HTML FORM using JavaScript, or text fields entered in the Java Applet.

Adding text entry fields to the Applet.

You may specify any number of user-defined fields which will show up as TextAreas in the applet.  Each field is associated with:

  • a unique variable name (such as "username")
  • a label which shows up in the GUI (such as "User Name")
  • a default value (such as "nobody")
  • a number of rows (typically one, zero for hidden fields)

Field names are identified sequentially, such as fieldName_1, fieldName_2, etc.  Their labels are similarly identified as fieldLabel_1, fieldLabel_2, etc ... and not surprisingly their default values are specified as fieldDefault_1, fieldDefault_2, etc

For example, to add "username" and "comment" fields to our applet, we include the following param tags to the applet tag:

<param name="fieldName_1" value="comment">
<param name="fieldLabel_1" value="Comment:">
<param name="fieldDefault_1" value="enter comment here">
<param name="fieldName_2" value="username">

If you optionally choose not to define a label, the gui label will be the same as the field name. Not defining a default value inserts an empty string into the text area.

Set Width of Column for Labels

The column containing the fieldLabels is set to a minimum width. This helps everything line up and look good. The default width is 80 pixels. You can change the width of this column using:

<param name="minFieldLabelWidth" value="120">

Hidden Fields

You can specify a hidden field that will not be visible to the user. This is useful if you want to pass extra information to the server as a name/value pair. To hide a field, set the number of rows to zero. Note that you can also send name/value pairs back to the server by calling addNameValuePair() from JavaScript.

<param name="fieldRows_3" value="0">
<param name="fieldDefault_3" value="AW007315">
<param name="fieldName_3" value="customer_id">

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