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JavaSonics ListenUp is no longer for sale.

Using Transcription Features

Skip this page if you do not need Transcription Features!

ListenUp supports the transcription of recorded audio. A common application is transcribing dictated notes made by medical doctors.

Please note that use of these transcription features requires the purchase of an additional license option. Also this feature is only available on Windows because of the native code drivers for the Speech Mike..

Purchasing the "Transcription Option" will enable the following features:

  • Support for the Philips Speech Mike. Buttons on the Speech Mike can be used to control ListenUp. ListenUp will light LEDs on the Speech Mike to guide the user.
  • Support for USB foot pedal commonly used by transcriptionists.
  • Support for variable speed playback. This includes the slow speed playback that is helpful during transription.
  • Additional buttons for FastForward, FastRewind, GoToBeginning and GoToEnd.
  • Support for defining HotKeys.

For transcription, use the "ListenUpTranscriber.jar" in the ARCHIVES list in the Applet tag instead of "JavaSonicsListenUp.jar".

For playback you should set the following Applet parameters:

<param name="transcription" value="yes">
<param name="useFootPedal" value="yes"> (optional)

For recording you should set the following Applet parameters:

<param name="transcription" value="yes">
<param name="editable" value="yes">
<param name="useSpeechMike" value="yes"> (optional)

Please see reference document for the additional transcription related Applet parameters. It describes how to define Hot Keys and use the other transcription features.

Examples of the use of transcription playback are here. Demos are here.

If you are planning to record very long messages, longer than ten minutes then you should turn on the "useFileCache" parameter.

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