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Record and Play at various Sample Rates using JavaSound

This diagnostic Applet will only work if you have Sun Java or Apple Java. It will not work with the old obsolete Microsoft Java. Find out what kind of Java you have here.

This Applet will record for a few seconds and then play back what it recorded. It will do this for several different sample rates including 8000, 11025, 16000, 22050, 32000 and 44100 Hz. (Note that as of 10/15/07 Mac's Apple JavaSound only supports 44100 Hz. ListenUp will rate convert internally in order to support other rates.)

If this test does not work then:

  1. Plugin a microphone. Install audio drivers if needed.
  2. Select the audio device you want to use using your computers Control Panel. For Apple, the "BuiltIn" audio devices may work best.
  3. Refresh this page and try again. You may need to restart the browser after installing drivers or selecting audio devices.

ERROR: you do not have Java installed for your browser. Please install the Sun Java plugin.




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