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Known Bugs

Mac OS X

WinXP with Sun Java

Bug Reporting

If you find a bug, please report it. To fix a bug, we usually need to reproduce the problem in our lab. To do that we need some information. Please send the answer to these questions to here.
  1. Product           : JavaSonics SDK? or JavaSonics Netscape Plugin?
  2. JavaSonics Version: look in Java console for version and build number
  3. Java Version      : JDK 1.1.6? 1.3? 1.4.1?"
  4. Operating System  :
  5. CPU               :
  6. Audio Card        :
  7. Expected Behavior :
  8. Actual Behavior   : for example, periodic pops in sound, installation fails
  9. Error Message     :
  10. How To Reproduce  : step-by-step procedure needed


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